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Thank you very much for your inquiry. Let us summarize in a few words how our photography works in general:

We love nature and naturalness in the images. We believe that the best things are born free like outdoor venues, forest weddings or rustic decorations are very close to us. We love having a personal relationship, be familiar with your stories, what you like and what you want…when the pictures capture true emotions.

We prefer those weddings where we can take photos from the preparations until the fun part of the evening. Adjusting to the length of your big day, we have three packages that you can read below. In every case two of us arrive, so we certainly capture every moment, even from two perspectives. The pictures will be sent to you  within 8 weeks from the event. The images only get color correction or cut, so they get the typical style of ours. We only retouch the picture-distorting factors, we love to keep the pictures in natural style. Unfortunately we can not give you the raw photos in any case.


  • 8 hours availability
  • two photographers
  • minimum 500 pcs retouched photos
  • password protected server
Most popular


  • 12 hours availability
  • two photographers
  • minimum 700 pcs retouched photos
  • password protected server


  • 10 hours availability
  • two photographers
  • minimum 600 pcs retouched photos
  • password protected server


Engagement photography is an extra opportunity, before the big day. It’s a good,  because we get to know each other a little bit, You get used to the hustle and bustle around you and we see how you behaved in front of the camera. 🙂

Creative session is also a couple shoot we take on the wedding day or if it’s more comfortable even on a separate day, it’s just a matter of discussion.

The price of both photographs is 400 EUR * + travel costs.

* The price does not include travel expenses and any accommodation costs. It depends on the wedding location and current fuel prices.

Creative photoshoot in optimal case takes minimum 2-3 hours. We love to walk in nature with couples, which often can be time-consuming. It’s important to take into consideration that the lights are not ideal for a good picture in every part of the day. We are happy to recommend you location or time. There is also the possibility to keep the creative session on a separate day, if it is more comfortable for you.

Széll Bálint: +36 70 521 3717
Molnár Niki: +36 70 370 8579